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Baltimore & Ohio EMD General Purpose 30 locomotive, road number 6959. Locomotive features animated cooling fans, animated wheels, custom horn and bell sounds, bump-mapped textures, and level-of-detail reduction meshes.

Custom cab NOT included; the GP30 model uses the Trainz default built-in EMD cab view.
Custom engine sound NOT included; the GP30 model uses the Trainz default built-in EMD engine sound.


Introduced in 1961, the General Purpose 30 locomotive is easily recognized due to its unique engine-hood style. Utilizing the 567-series engine, the GP30 produced 2250HP. To reduce costs of new units, some GP30s were built using AAR Type-B trucks from trade-in ALCO locomotives. Union Pacific was the only railroad to roster cabless booster GP30B units.


The GP30 is performance-oriented model. This model is made to maximize performance on weaker hardware by sacrificing aesthetic detail.

Intel Core 2 Duo
Nvidia GTX 285
Intel Core 2 Quad
Nvidia GTX 560Ti


TRS2004 - TS12 SP1

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